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Heavy Equipment

Similar to commercial equipment, heavy equipment is a more specified list of the vehicles that will dig the holes, tear down the walls, and move it all away from your construction.

Some examples include excavators, which are usually used for material handling, digging, brush cutting with attachments, demolition, rough grading, heavy lifting, pipe installing, mining, river dredging, and more.

Another example is a backhoe loader, which is similar to tractors and comes with an adjustable shovel in front that has a small bucket in the back for digging.

Next, the bulldozer – the strongest and most reliable heavy equipment used in the construction industry for its powerful and extremely heavy machine used to move dirt.

Skid steer loaders are another example of heavy equipment because they perform digging, drilling, compacting, log grappling, snow blowing, jack-hammering, and other important jobs. They move like a forklift and are useful in smaller spaces just as much as large planes of land.

Motor graders are heavy equipment used for fine grading with a long blade that can be adjusted to meet certain angles to create a flat surface and for moving dirt.

As a mixture of an excavator and a backhoe, a crawler loader is usually used on relatively smaller projects because of its versatility.

Trenchers do exactly what their name states: they dig trenches very easily and quickly. This important for foundations of buildings and homes.

Scrapers are used mainly for digging and leveling large plots of land.

The final example but not the last heavy equipment option is the dump truck. Dump trucks are always needed on construction sites because they move and dump all types of heavy material.


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