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Tar Paper

Also known as felt, this roofing option can be used underneath other materials to ensure protection from the elements. Tar paper provides backup protection from water or ice. 

Felt is a great source of durability for northern climate homes and buildings because it shelters the building from snow, ice, and rain. Extremely common in colder climates, some homes can be completely damaged if tar paper is not used on the roof.

Water is the most common home destroyer. Water-resistance is key. The tile or shingles are every building’s first line of defense against water. However, felt is a crucial second line of defense. And, if a rain or snow storm occurs, shingles can break loose, making tar paper the only form of protection until the shingles are replaced.

American Export will make sure your felt is of high quality and up to code before it is exported to your construction site. Building code labels are typically on product labels and are easy to spot.

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