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Tile Roofing

When deciding the type of roofing for your project, many builders choose tile roofing, especially when building in tropical climates. Tile is classic, exotic, and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, tile roofing has a long lifespan, which is a smart investment. 

Tile is made of clay or concrete to look like the original type of roofing in the Mediterranean usually from over a thousand years ago. Sometimes, tile roofing is mistaken for shingle roofing, which does not last as long.

The difference between tiles and shingles is that tile is more expensive but higher quality and more durable than shingles. Strong winds and bad weather can destroy your roof by knocking off shingles easily. much more easily than with tiles. Tiles withstand a lot more strain. Consider the climate of your building or home; if it is windy or prone to hurricanes, tile is a smarter and actually more economical option because the quality pays off. However, if you are not building in topical and unpredictable climates, shingles are a considerable option.

Additionally, if you build in snowy climates, tile will outlast shingles during snowstorms or powerful winds. As good conductors, tile will let the snow slide right off its surface. The lifespan of a tile roof is about double a shingles roof’s life. Even though tile seems like the smartest option, one must consider if their roof can hold the weight of the tile.

Shingles are much lighter and are a better option if the carrying capacity of the building is weak. But, from an investor’s perspective, tile roofing adds much more value to your home or building when it is time to sell it. Tile is a great choice because it also can be purchased in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Every single one of these variations is resistant to fire, hail, and moisture. It is a strong insulator.

Like any high-quality product, you want to take care of it to ensure its longevity: keeping it clean, removing debris, repairing it, and yearly inspecting it through a professional.

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