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Carpets are a great option for flooring and are used for many purposes, like insulating coldness from concrete floors, creating a more comfortable, warm space, and reducing sound overall. In addition, carpet can add color and charm to a room or a hallway. Choosing a carpet for places like apartments will reduce sound beneath each floor, unlike wood or tile. 

For commercial projects, carpeting is a less expensive option, like being installed in conference rooms, hotels, and any large indoor space. One of the best options for flooring in high-traffic areas like lobbies, classrooms, healthcare facilities, and open floorplan office spaces is low-density loop piles.

They are durable, resistant to constant wear, and maintain a smooth surface over time.

Additionally, low-density loop piles are easier for wheelchairs to roll over. We provide indoor carpet, outdoor carpet, tufted carpet, woven carpet, commercial carpet, rugs, carpet tile, carpet pads, and more. Choosing carpet through American Export will save money and time for larger dimension projects. Our company will find the best prices through our 20-year long relationship with prestigious carpet companies.


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