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Bathroom Flooring

Whether you follow trends or follow your own personal style, new flooring is a great and possibly inexpensive way to add zest to your bathroom. American Export provides all kinds of tile, laminate, wood, marble, etc. for your new bathroom. 

The wettest room in the home is the bathroom; therefore, the flooring is crucially important. This also presents the most difficult challenge: choosing the floor. Also, it is important that the bathroom floor is slip-resistant.

Listed are six materials that are good for bathroom floors, balancing water resistance, slip resistance, durability and easy maintenance: ceramic tile, vinyl, stone tile, linoleum, cork, and concrete. All of these flooring options are waterproof; however, some have more upkeep than others and some need to be sealed due to their porous nature, which can breed bacteria. Cork must be sealed even though it is resistant to mold and mildew.

Concrete is a great option for bathrooms today because it is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and timeless. Something to consider when choosing concrete is that the finish should be slip-resistant.


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